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Spline-Time Pro

Cinema Version:   

18 / PC and Mac / 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Team Render
17 / PC and Mac / 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Team Render

16 / PC and Mac / 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Team Render

15 / PC and Mac / 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Team Render 
12-14 / PC and Mac / 32 and 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Netrender



Creative SplineTool for Cinema 4D 12 up to Cinema R18 PC and Mac

Spline-Time Pro consist of the following plugins:

  • Grow-Spline: Splines grow and shrink in any direction.
  • Morph-Spline: Morph between two and more Splines or MultiSplines
  • Mix-Spline: Mix splines and creates new user defined splines.
  • Connect-Spline: Connect splines, independent from their spacing, number of points or direction, branching.
  • Branch-Spline: Easy creating Branches from user splines
  • Fractal-Splines: Generator for the most popular Fractal Splines - Hilbert, Gosper, Peano, Dragon, Koch, Levy-C .....
  • Spline2Helix: Create a Helix around any Spline
  • Spline-Connect: Connect a hierarchy of Splines to one Spline
  • Elastic-Spline: Create Connection-Splines between (animated or not animated) Objects.
  • Motion2Spline:  Tracing Splines from any animated object (incl. SubObjects or TP Particle Geometries, Dynamics)
  • Clone-This: Copy and spread Objects, Splines, Clones, Instances, RenderInstances along a spline and variates them userdefined.
  • Multi-Tween: Tween and Morph Objects, Lights and Light-Fx
  • Poly-Spline: Create Wire-Splines as Single Splines or Multi-Splines and Polygon-Objects
  • Straight-Spline: bend this spline with exact In- and Out-Radius / In - and Out-Angle
  • Glue-Object: Glue Objects to any Selections

  • Sound-TAG for easy animated Splines

The splines can be used to your Loft-, Sweep-, Extrudenurbs, Hair, Xparticles, Stormtracer, Mograph and......



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