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Add-the-Sea - Reloaded

Wavedeformer and Foamshader for Cinema 4D  

Cinema Version:

18 / PC und Mac / 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Team Render 

17 / PC und Mac / 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Team Render 

16 / PC und Mac / 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Team Render 

15 / PC und Mac / 32 und 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Team Render 

14 / PC und Mac / 32 und 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Netrender

13 / PC und Mac / 32 und 64 Bit / Bodypaint / Netrender


  • Take a look on a part of the feature list below, how strong the new Add-The-Sea Reloaded deformer works:
  • New workflow for the entire Add-The-Sea: All functions are stackable in the object manager and are edit- and animateable through the attribute manager in Cinema 4D.
  • Coast- /Waterdepth recognition: Create complete terrains using a coastmap. The user can define a coast through objects, animations and bitmaps (all video/bitmap codecs that Cinema 4D can load) and take fully control over the strength the coast affect the waves. Special Feature: The coastmap can be saved as a preset *.acm / *.scm (very fast Add-the-Sea Reloaded Format) or all other video/bitmap formats for later import or usage on other users scenes and objects.
  • New usage of the standard C4D particle emitter through bitmap and control-emitter: Place your standard particles onto your waves and let them swim, dive and move around in all directions by using shaders, bitmaps oder animations. The Y-distribution / movement can be controled by using a spline curve and special parameters (for example fine under water particles / fluid animation, snow and rain)
  • The particles are consider the coastmap data. Flying particles can be controled by using the control-emitter.
  • All Add-The-Sea functions can be mixed with the standard Cinema 4D deformers.
  • Waves -and emitter particles can be projected on objects with UVW-data. (e.g. place particles around a sphere)
  • In addition to the four standard wave types in Add-The-Sea Reloaded (impulse wave, linear wave, radial wave, random wave), there five various dropwaves (manual drop, rain generator, impact wave, secondary wave, stern wave / bow wave) available to the user.
  • Tween-blob for time dependend creation of water bubbles and secondary drops in the center of dropwaves. The tween-deformer is an advancement of the sphere deformer and consider with the drop-tags.
  • The 4ATS-shader generates 2D-particles foam and caustic patterns according to the settings from deformer and coast. The Add-The-Sea deformer gives data to the shader. Changes of deformation were recognized by the shader. The shader can produce results by using the whole Add-The-Sea main object or single wave deformers.
  • Xpresso-nodes for swim and dropwaves. Most parameters from Add-The-Sea can be bound with Xpresso (e.g. Thinking Particles)
    A whole bunch of example files, textures, maps, video tutorials and a 100 page PDF manual for fast results and better learning Add-The-Sea Reloaded.


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